Friday, January 20, 2006

Blog or not to blog?

Feel bored bila takder keje kat opis, salunya after every IT evaluation course dah selesai, aku akan menjelajah dari blog ke blog utk baca blog others, even myself don't have a blog..hahha..rasa macam rapat jer dgn blogger lain when read all those words..dan blog ni aku tulis utk kepuasan diri sendiri. n aku cuba utk tidak mendedahkan address blog ni, baru privacy sket..even aku salu baca blog org lain(Joe, Mak Andeh, Mat Jan n link to others(byk sgt aku baca, nampak sgt takdek keje kat opis)..hehehe..rasanya berkembang sket @ kurang ler sket kebosanan bila dok baca cerita2 org(makan gaji buta ke ni?) rupa2nya macam2 kehidupan/pengalaman blogger2 ni..rasa cam drama pun ada..well that's how to express their life, their feeling.. through, very interesting..

to tell the truth, aku sebenarnya ada gak kdg2 tu nak bercerita psl my life, my partner, my job n people around me, but..aku ni tak reti nak susun n combign all those salunya pendam jer la..So..this is it, aku tak kira aku nak bercerita gak..heheheh

Let me start 2006 with:

My Family

This year resolution is to buy our own house since we can't make it last year due to not enough MONEY! so sad, bank approved already, but the things is maybe it's not the right time because we have to borrow another RM15k plus to settle the SnP, lawyer, tax..huhuhh.caarik duit occay!..

Love hubby n sofea with all my heart..this year is the 3rd year marriage..For the last 2 years although we'are happy but as always there will be a room sometimes we feel angry, sad, n terasa..kalo tak gaduh bukan rumahtangga namanya..may be i should be more mengalah n kurangkan sket merajuk when he came late to pick me up..i want to be a good mum for sofea as she now in the talking using her own language n seem to be enjoy herself..

That' the first one(major) What about the minors resolution..


I'll read newpapers, practice communicate in english n do the happens when i'm deliver lecture and when it comes to QnA session-i'm quite nervous to converse in eng esp when they(course participant) ask in eng lah..otherwise aku cakap bm jer, it also cos i'll have to deal with the people from another jabatan n even from other country since my place of work is a training centre for goverment officers..huh..dulu tanak blaja betul2 eng, dah tahu kg girl, have to make more effort for it.

Loose some weight

Actually i'm not the one in the range"OBESITY" yet. I'm still normal so do with my BMI..but, prevention is better than cure..yeah..right..the target is to get 45-50 kg..hahaha..laughing at myself..dunno i can't make it or not..sure i can do it, just got to loose 5 kg more to get 50 sounds easy..sofea now is 1 year++, so this 5 kgs should be not with me anymore..huh, i've put on weight 5 kgs after deliver to sofea..

My Job

The SKT(sasaran kerja tahunan) target for training officer is to get 160 hours..
That's the milestone from HQ. mm, that's easy cos when i'm complete conduct 10 courses, sure i can get more than 160..Since my collegue a.k.a my bossy boss have divided the 22 IT courses to both of us, The rest 12 out of 22 she did it..

My first course will be held by the end of feb, website development..means i' have 2 months free b4 the class started..What should i do for this 2 month's? update portal, prepare the notes, do pc maintenance, blog/read blog..hehehhe.I've been thinking to learn more about open source n php..kinda interested n those IT things are very fast still in the 'safe mode'..hehe
It's hard for me to catch up cos when the class started, i'm busy..or else make, need to improve myself..takat 'asp' jer pandai..tu pun tak expert..